@ Lunch

… or Breakfast or Dinner …

Because really, if you ask me, anytime is a good time for my favorite foods and drinks!  But let’s start with #1 …

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Yep, I could eat this all day.  But don’t listen to the cooking instructions; all you really need to add is about 1 tablespoon of butter, and enough milk to moisten the cheese, which is just a little.





Little Caesar’s Pizza

We don’t eat out very much, but when we do and are in a hurry (which is usually why we’re eating out), we love to get Little Caesar’s Pizza.  It’s only $5 for a large Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza!  And they have a pinball game machine there that uses bouncy balls.  And when you’re done, you get to keep the bouncy ball, but guess what else!?  If your bouncy ball has a Little Caesar’s face on it, you win a free pizza, and last time we were there, we won one! It’s only a quarter to play, so we got a pizza for one quarter!




Underwood Chicken Spread

I gotta admit, this stuff kinda looks gross.  But it tastes delicious!  And since I can’t have peanut butter at school, this is a great other choice.



The hardest part is choosing the flavor, so it’s good to get a box that has all different kinds.  Just be careful, because after you eat one, your mouth will be whatever color you ate (:







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