@ Home

Some of my favorite thing at home are:

My Bunk Bed

My brother and I used to share a room, so we got these bunk beds.  But now, even though we have our own rooms, I still love having a bunk bed.  Not only do I have a place to hang lights and a little table on it, I have an extra bed for slumberparties!  Also, in December when it’s cold, heat rises, so if your kid sleeps in the top bunk, they’ll be nice and warm.  The one shown here sort of looks like mine.





Our TV

It’s great for playing video games on and it’s huge.  I think it’s even bigger than my mom.






Our Big Comfy Couch

A big TV like ours needs an equally big couch!  And this one is super soft too.  We spend a lot of time on it playing video games and watching movies.  Speaking of movies …





Every Friday, our family has Friday Family Fun Night, and sometimes we watch movies for this special night.  Some of my favorites are:

It’s a Wonderful Life


Veggie Tales

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Gnomeo & Juliet


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  1. Diane Gordon says:

    I love your website! It is very informative and just as fun and fanciful as it’s author. You have a great start! I will check back and see how well you are doing. That is a very big TV!!

  2. madeline chapman says:

    nice paisley! really AWESOME

  3. Paisley says:

    Nice website! I like it myself.

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